Art in the age of Yelp

By Brian Droitcour

Brian Droitcour’s introduction to his writings as an art critic and a yelp critic. What does it mean to critique and value something, be it Museum exhibition or restuartant?

Artist Lecture on Balance

By Jacob Tonsky

Jacob Tonsky, Artist and Engineer, talked about his process of making art, what inspires him, and his thoughts on poetic Computation.

Sound and Performance

By Brian House

Introduction to the work of Brian House, and his thoughts on poetic computation. His latest projects and thoughts on working with data.

Bridge Between Broken Networks

By Dan Phiffer

Dan Phiffer talked about his work and process that inspired him to make OccupyHere.org

Creating Tools

By Jurg Lehni

Jurg Lehni’s thoughts on poetic computation, his process in creating tools such as Scriptographer, and Paper.js. Questions and thoughts on the culture and aesthetics of open source.

Living as an Artist

By Zach Gage

Zach Gage talked about what it means to live as an artist today through his experience of developing games and making art. How to make work that is seen by the people you care about, and how to get your point accross through your work.

On Sound Art

By Christine Sun Kim

Sound artist, Christine Sun Kim presented her work and the process involved. Her relationship to sound and how she uses it in her work.

On Story telling

By Syd Lieberman

Amazing storyteller Syd Lieberman, teaches us about the power of stories, memory, and voice.


By Cedric Kiefer

Cedrick Kiefer presents his process in learning to code through a series of photographs. Talked to us about creating the studio onformative and his client and art work.

Photos of time

By Adam Magyar

Adam Magyar talks about using industrial cameras and computers to photograph and process urban images that capture a moment of time and then visually expand it.

Poems and Propositions

By Bret Victor

Special presentation by Bret Victor on poetry, told through few interactive poems he's made.

Paola Antonell

By Paola Antonelli

SFPC visits Paola Anotnelli at MoMA s to learn about their new acquisitions including video games, technology. Talk abotu future of R&D department at MoMA.

Poetic Computation

By Ramsey Nasser

Special lecture by Ramsey Nasser for the opening of SFPC. He told his history in learning to program and invent his own languages and tools.

Projection mapping

By Kyle McDonald

Introduction to projection mapping techniques through openframworks. History of artist who use projection mapping. Learning to use shaders in your projections.

Queer History of Computing

By Jacob Gaboury

Jacob Gaboury, art historican, lectured about computation and it’s ties to queer history and theory, from Alan Turing to queer video games.