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Jason Levine

Jason Levine is a musician, performer, and creative coder. On a mission to bridge different artistic disciplines, he sees computation as a universal language for translating and communicating between different mediums. Inspired by improvisation, Jason focuses on the interactive and generative qualities of coding to create real-time software systems for live performance. He is currently on an experimental binge creating music with genetic algorithms, rearranging the pixels of famous images, putting dancers into generative worlds, and creating a body-controlled interactive music creation system.

Jason has worked extensively as a beatboxer/vocalist accompanying circus shows, street theatre, and contemporary dance. Most recently, Jason has worked as a freelance creative coder, designing interactive visuals for Eryc Taylor Dance, generative art apps for Fragile Tension LLC, and prototyping Kinect interactions for Harmonix’s new game Fantasia:Music Evolved.

Jason Levine
Fall 2013 Student
Twitter @xululululuuum
Github jasonlevine
Location New York, USA