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Jonathan Wohl

Jonathan Wohl is a multidisciplinary artist based in Queens, NY. With an eclectic background in woodworking, video and sound design, the natural sciences, and software development, his work falls at the intersection between art, technology, and social commentary. He has built musical instruments and sonic sculptures, collaborated with dancers and filmmakers, and created politically-themed video games. A recent fascination has been the performative nature of corporate culture.

Jonathan studied the ephemeral arts and physics at the University of Wisconsin, and is a founding member of The Notion Collective, a group of four collaborating artists currently working in New York City. He has been involved in Farmwork, an art/life practice focused on living holistically and creatively, and is a semi-regular attendee of the yearly Summerwork workshop/retreat.

Jonathan Wohl
Fall 2013 Student
Twitter @jonwohl
Github jmwohl
Location New York, USA