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Roy Macdonald

Roy Macdonald is an artist who work with diverse technology from video and moviemaking, to interactive installations and music. Code and computers are his primary tools. He has artistic and creative curiosity alongside with aptitudes for math and sciences. He worked as a leader and a bridge in multidisciplinary teams and endeavors. He enjoys challenges, especially when the challenge means an opportunity to learn new things and embark towards uncertain results. He is an active contributor to the artistic oriented coding toolkit openFrameworks. On 2010 he created a new-media design studio, Macrobio, in Santiago, Chile. Here, he and the team worked on projects mixing code with motion graphics and video, to create interactive installations and experiences. On early 2014, Roy left Macrobio to continue to work on the same subject and kind of projects but under his own name.

Roy Macdonald
Fall 2015 Student
Twitter @roy_macdonald
Github roymacdonald
Location Chile