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Stefan Pelikan

Stefan graduated from Penn State University in 2018 with degrees in Graphic Design, Art History, and German. Since then he has been working for the Robert Reed Drawing Workshops — website, poster, an exhibition, and various print media. In 2017 Stefan interned with Kelli Anderson and worked on pop-up production, reconfigurable structure research, and hexaflexagon how-tos. Recently, Stefan was a teaching assistant for Code / Paper / Scissors, a two-week session at SFPC that explored paper as a site of, medium for, and foil to programming. He made a book called The Matrix Magnates, which collages its way through the social and technological context of writing and graphic design since the adoption of the Linotype machine, viewable along with some of his other work at his site.

Stefan Pelikan
Fall 2019 TA
Spring 2019 Student
Twitter @_stefanpelikan
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