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Code Societies 2020


Code Societies Orientation

Taught by Melanie Hoff, Neta Bomani, Emma Rae Norton, & Taeyoon Choi

P2P Folder Poetry

Taught by Melanie Hoff

Computational Exploration of Magical and Divinatory Language

Taught by Allison Parrish

Surveillance Studies

Taught by American Artist & Simone Browne

The fuzzy edges of character encoding

Taught by Everest Pipkin

Radical Hardware (Transistors to CPU)

Taught by Taeyoon Choi

The Unfinished Sentence: Algorithmic Text Generation

Taught by Kameelah Janan Rasheed

Cybernetics of Race/ism and Sex/ism

Taught by Neta Bomani & Melanie Hoff

Black Mirrors: Reimagining Race, Technology, and Justice

Taught by Ruha Benjamin

Remote Control

Taught by FlucT

Between Me and You: Encryption, Proxies, VPNs and Privacy

Taught by Harlo Holmes

Space is an Ecology of Our Systems

Taught by Dan Taeyoung

Hand Coding Round Robin

Taught by Emma Rae Norton

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