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Amit Pitaru

Amit is a coder and designer. Formerly a professional musician, his work to date spans across experimental art, research, education, and entrepreneurial projects. A recurring theme in Amit’s work is the extreme attention to user-experience, specifically how technology can promote (or destroy) curiosity, literacy, and creativity.

As an artist, Amit develops novel instruments and methods for making music, animation, and dance. His work has been exhibited at the London Design Museum, Paris Pompidou Center, Lincoln Center, Israel National Museum, Sundance Film festival, Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, and ICC Museum in Tokyo.

As an educator, Amit develops curricula that focus on the coupling of technology and the creative thought process. He taught at New York University’s ITP and Cooper Union’s Arts department. Interested in alternative education environments, Amit is also the co founder of Kitchen Table Coders, hosting intimate workshops/salons for people who are eager to expand their love for coding.

Amit Pitaru
Spring 2015 Organizer
Fall 2014 Teacher
Fall 2013 Teacher
Twitter @pitaru
Github apitaru
Location Brooklyn, NY