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Imagine the Robin Williams character from the movie “Dead Poets Society” teaching Objective C instead

NY Times

The idea is that true digital arts education needs to be collaborative—something that commercial technology spaces idolize above all else

artnet news

[The Tech Zine Fair hosted at SFPC] as a means to actualize an emerging community of artists, educators, and activists, all interested in visualizing a better future through technology and DIY projects.


This is a school for the creative writing of code

Creative Applications

Among the final student projects: a self-destructing robot, an aura-reading mirror, and a black metal font generator.

Creators projects

Hopefully what we make at School for poetic computation is for people, not computers.

Creative Applications

it’s their sense of whimsy that resonates

Dazed and Confused

a year in, the School for Poetic Computation has already spawned an array of impressive work

Yahoo tech

Zach Lieberman spoke of founding the School for Poetic Computation Brooklyn

they're all involved in questioning how we can make code more poetry and less programming


the founders say they hope to one day make the school free of fees

Fast Company

there is extraordinary effort going on to combine science and arts, bringing tactile, sensorial, physical creativity to the typically cerebral, logical, calculating careers

Huffington Post

There's an amazing elegance in computer code, if you look at it the right way. So why not teach it like that?

Fast co. labs

“I totally agree with what Zachary Lieberman is doing at the School for Poetic Computation — showing the weaknesses of machines (and using computers) not just for entertainment"

The Japan Times

Cybernetic Forests, How is technology changing the way we see?