Andrew Kleindolph

I’m an Artist, Maker, and Instructor living and working in San Francisco, CA. My visual work includes a variety of projects from interactive electronic sculpture to digital drawing to functional design. I often look for ways to apply unlikely themes and low-fi elements into electronic works (for example: intentional inefficiently, malfunction, spirituality, danger, and asymmetry). I’ve participated in exhibitions at the Headlands Center for the Arts, Root Division and the Santa Clara Museum of Art, among others. I was featured on KQED’s SPARK, a local program highlighting artists in the Bay Area. Most recently I’ve been working on a graphic novel of short stories about travels in Senegal, Mali and Ethiopia.

I’m also an instructor and the department chair in the Technical Arts department at Lick-Wilmerding High School. I started Lick’s Electronics and Circuits program, which includes courses on: Analog and Digital Circuits; Device Invention; and Sustainable Energy. I co-developed the Machine Intelligence program, which incorporates computer science and robotics into the Technical Arts curriculum. I helped the Technical Arts program integrate various digital fabrication processes and tools including 3D digital rendering; CNC machining; and 3D printing. I’m one of the leaders of the LW-Drew Senegal service-learning trip, which gives students an opportunity to apply building skills in a rural village, while participating in a family stay.

Fall 2014 Student
Twitter @akleindolph
Github extrasleepy
Location San Francisco, CA