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Mini Kim

While exploring diverse career paths, Mini Kim fell in love with data visualization. During her free time she would spend hours making sense of the data being created around her. She hopes that her interest in data can ultimately result in impactful work.

Mini has just finished a year of the Interaction Design MFA program at the School of Visual Arts. She is taking a year off from the program to work at the UNICEF Innovation Unit and to explore her personal interest in art and coding. At UNICEF, Mini works on data visualization and system projects and got to travel to Senegal and Lebanon this summer.

Now at the School for Poetic Computation, she is looking forward to exploring new ways to express herself through data visualization and become a part of an artistic community. She is ready to learn from others, expand her thoughts and share her knowledge.

Mini Kim
Fall 2013 Student
Twitter @minsunmini
Github minsunmini
Location New York, USA