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Nathan Rosenberg

Jazz-pianist turned composer, producer, and engineer, Nathan has crafted scores for games (Atari, Humongous, Zynga), national advertising campaigns, television themes, and short films. He has worked with recording artists such as Luscious Jackson, Elliot Mazer (Neil Young, Santana, Dido, Janis Joplin’s “Cheap Thrills” SACD reissue), Wynton Marsalis, John Hicks, Kenny Washington, and Poe, for which he earned a gold record. A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, Nathan has been a regular technical contributor to “Recording Magazine” and currently works out of his Brooklyn Studio, The Doghouse NYC.

Music has a unique ability to tell a story that reverberates deep within us—and continues to do so long after the actual sound has receded into silence. I’m compelled by patterns and process; particularly processes that inform the creation of musical narrative. These days I’m particularly intrigued as to how this intersects with memory and with technology. During my stay at SFPC, I’m eagerly exploring many new and dynamic avenues of expression whether they fall under the umbrella of “interactive music” or are simply something I have yet to discover.

Nathan Rosenberg
Fall 2014 Student
Twitter @RosenbergNathan
Location Brooklyn, NY