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Code Societies 2020 Blog Writing Guide


Artist Presentation and Hand Coding Round Robin Space is an Ecology of Our Systems Between Me and You: Encryption, Proxies, VPNs and Privacy Cybernetics of Race/ism & Sex/ism Remote Control: Performance as Art, Performance as Behavior Black Mirrors: Reimagining Race, Technology, and Justice The Unfinished Sentence: Algorithmic Text Generation Computational Exploration of Magical and Divinatory Language, Part 2 Radical Hardware (Transistor to CPU) The Fuzzy Edges of Character Encoding with Everest Pipkin Surveillance Studies with American Artist & Simone Browne Computational Exploration of Magical and Divinatory Language with Allison Parrish, Part One P2P Folder Poetry: An introduction to Re-introducing Yourself to Computers with Melanie Hoff Code Societies Orientation with Melanie Hoff Neta Bomani & Emma Norton Unlearning, a letter by Taeyoon Choi Meet the Students & Teachers!


Computational Methods of Code Societies The Computational Scrawl ~ Session 1 Building Nets For Floating Data Critical Simulation Networked Terraforming The Computational Scrawl ~ Session 2 Distributed Web of Care Software as Ideology we play programmed Ethicsware Cybernetics of Sex: Technology, Feminisms, & the Choreography of Culture WYFY: Exorcizing Technology Meet The 2019 Students


Hacking the Attention Economy, Amplifying Discord and Hate Authoring text under control: from automatic writing to autocomplete Diversity & Inclusion in Surveillance AI Software as Ideology Smarter Home plotter drawing by AC Gillette